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We Offer Affordable Stone Veneers

Are you looking for an affordable but dramatic way to make a statement with your home décor? Whether you’re looking to boost the curb value of a house you’re selling or are planning a new office building and want to stand out, even small amounts of quality stone can have a major impact on the look of a structure.

Putting Our Affordable Cast Stone Products to Work


  • A wainscot skirt of stone giving contrast and texture to a log cabin
  • A rustic backsplash of stacked stone in a homey kitchen
  • A textured archway of Anasazi-inspired stone greeting customers as they enter your office
  • The timeless look of smooth river rock trimming a fireplace

All of these styles and more can be achieved with faux stones, saving you both the cost and the hassle of installing natural rock! If you’ve always loved the look of stone but were intimidated by the expense or skill required, take advantage of ProCast Stone and our affordable cast stone products!

10495120_730602233656815_1771794443227274440_oHow Manufactured Stone Prices Can Be So Reasonable

Our affordable cast stone products are made from a combination of cement, pumice, sand and mineral oxides for color. These are inexpensive materials, and they are not destructive to the environment the same way as stones taken from nature can be. This just scratches the surface of how ProCast Stone’s manufactured stone prices can be so low.

  • Your labor costs will be lower. Since our stone veneers are easy to install, no special knowledge or skill is required, saving you the trouble of hiring an expert. All of our products are DIY-friendly!
  • You won’t need to modify your home. Real stone is heavy and requires foundational support to keep it from damaging the home. Our lightweight faux stones do not have this problem and can be applied directly to your home’s interior or exterior walls with regular mortar.
  • We don’t mark up our prices. We’re not a distributor, and we don’t outsource our manufacturing. We create all of our stones in-house with our own hands, and that means there are no mark-ups or price gouging. Our stone veneer prices are the lowest you’ll find for the quality we offer!

Work with ProCast Stone on your next building project and you’ll see the manufactured stone advantage for yourself! Contact us today for a price quote or to make your first order.

Easy to install. Affordable. Beautiful. That’s the manufactured stone advantage.
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