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Are You Curious About Cultured Stone?

Just like Kleenex and Coke, “cultured stone” is a trademarked name for a product – specifically, the faux stone produced by a company called Boral. While the name is specific to their company, the process is not, and ProCast Stone of New Mexico produces top-quality manufactured stone that can rival any Cultured Stone products!

IMG_0071_2_3_tonemappedUnderstanding the Manufactured Stone Advantage

Whether you call them faux stone, cast stone or cultured stone veneers, the process of creating manufactured stone is basically the same. All manufactured stones are made by pouring a combination of cement, pumice and sand into a mold and left to harden. This mixture is colored with various mineral oxides to give it a realistic hue. Once the cement has set up, it will have the look of natural stone.

Although the process behind them is the same, not all stone products are made equally. The artistry comes in the ratios of ingredients in the mix, the methods for mixing colorants, the selection of molds and the way all the pieces fit together to create a whole. And in New Mexico, no one does this better than ProCast Stone.

Giving Your Home a Hint of Personality

The appeal of quality stone veneers is that they can instantly add depth, color, texture and personality to a home. Whether you’re using them outdoors as stone siding for a house, bringing them inside to frame a fireplace or using them by the pool side to create a lounging space, our manufactured stone products can instantly infuse your space with personality.

If you’re looking for something like Cultured Stone products in New Mexico, look no further than ProCast Stone! Give us a call today, or browse our site to learn more about our available colors and styles of stone.

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