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Faux Stone Accents for Your Home or Business

You’ve probably heard of faux fur or faux pearls, but what about faux stone?

“Faux” means “imitation” in French, and that’s exactly what we offer at ProCast Stone: Manufactured stone that looks exactly like the real thing! Our stone is lightweight, durable and nearly identical to natural stone, but at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you’re looking to add a few faux stone panels to the interior of your home to give it that rustic vibe or want a prominent stone arch at the entry of your property, our products provide economical solutions to your design plans.image2

Why Use Faux Stone Veneers?

Even small stone accents can have a dramatic effect on the look of your indoor and outdoor spaces. If you’ve always admired the look of real stone but were intimidated by the cost and amount of work involved in using it, faux stone is right for you. It has many advantages:

  • It’s lightweight, about half the weight of natural stones of the same size. This means that there are no additional supports required to hold it up. You can apply it directly to the surface of your walls without adding to the foundation.
  • It’s affordable, about a third of the price of real stone. And since it’s not quarried from nature, you don’t have to worry about where it was sourced or whether the natural ecosystem might have been damaged.
  • It’s customizable, allowing you to order the size, shape and colors of stone that you want in order to match your décor.

Our faux stone panels are made by pouring a cement mixture into carefully chosen molds. Once hardened, these flat-backed veneers can be easily applied to any surface with a bit of mortar, just like you’d install tiles.

Many Available Styles and Colors

All of our quality faux stone veneers are colored with natural mineral oxides, giving them the look of real stone. Altogether, we offer many different colors and five styles of stone so you can find the perfect match for your needs. And if you need to color-match existing architecture or have a specific request in mind, just come talk to us. We’ll be happy to work with you to create what you’re looking for!

For affordable and dramatic results, try faux stone!
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