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Come See the Manufactured Stone Advantage!

ProCast Stone has been providing New Mexico homeowners and builders with beautiful handcrafted manufactured stone products for over a decade. We are a leading provider of manufactured stone in the area, and our products have appeared in thousands of homes and businesses throughout Albuquerque and surrounding cities. If you’re ready to see the manufactured stone advantage for yourself, contact us to learn more or make your first order!

What is a Manufactured Stone Veneer?

Manufactured stone is made from cement poured into a mold made from actual stones and tinted with mineral oxides for realistic, natural coloration. IMG_0118The end result is nearly identical to real stone; most people would never know the difference. There are, however, some distinct advantages to working with manufactured stone products instead of real stones:

  • They’re more affordable, at about a third of the price of real stone.
  • They’re lighter, weighing roughly half of what real stone would weigh and requiring no structural supports when added to your interior or exterior walls.
  • They can be made to order, making custom shapes, sizes and colors possible.
  • They’re flat on the back and easy to apply; you just attach them to the wall like you would tile.

Our manufactured stone products are aesthetic adornments, not structural pieces: They’re veneers that attach to the outside of your walls, fireplaces, pillars and other architecture to create a dramatic appearance.

Hand-Crafted and Made to Order

When you order our quality stone veneers, you’re not getting something mass-produced in an anonymous factory. Our small family-owned business takes the time to mix colors and pour molds individually, giving every order the personal attention it deserves. And if you have a special requirement – like a small order or stone tinted to match your adobe house – we can accommodate you.

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