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Anasazi Stone

Named for the ancient peoples of the Southwest, this style of stone resembles the ruins that dot our New Mexico landscape. Like stacked stone, these pueblos were made from layers of flat stones stacked carefully together. But unlike other types of stacked stone, Anasazi stone has a uniquely textured appearance thanks to its uneven surface.

Anasazi Canyon Manufactured Faux Stone Veneer

Quality Anasazi stone veneers from ProCast Stone let you bring an authentically Southwestern look to your home or office, and their ease of installation makes it easy even for a weekend DIY project.

Anasazi Stone Applications

Our Anasazi-style faux stone can be used for a variety of projects for the home, garden or business. Here are a few common ways our customers put these stones to use:Anasazi Aztec Manufactured Stone Vaneer

  • Anasazi stone pillars and archways.
  • Anasazi stone fireplaces and fire pits.
  • Anasazi stone siding and facing.
  • Anasazi stone retaining walls for the home and garden.

 Color Options

We have many colors to choose from, with any faux stone available in any shade. We can also handle custom tint-matching jobs – just bring us a sample and we’ll mix the color batch from there. If you need inspiration, these are a few of our most popular Anasazi stone colors:


We strongly suggest that you see actual samples prior to any product selection. Pictures may not accurately reflect product color.

If you like the look of our Anasazi stone, also be sure to check out our stack stone options for a slightly different take. Contact us today to learn more about our availability, custom ordering and bulk discounts!

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