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River Rock Stone

In nature, river rocks are stones worn smooth by the constant motion of water. You see them in river beds, and in design, they immediately invoke ideas of mountain streams and serene trickling waterfalls. River rock designs are used in everything from siding to fireplaces, and they’re a very popular way to add color, texture and personality to a home or business.

While natural river rocks can be used in construction, they’re not an easy material to work with. They’re heavy, unwieldy, and pulling them from nature can damage the ecosystem. Instead, opt for river rock faux stone veneers, like those sold here at ProCast Stone!

River Rock Rio Grande Manufactured Faux Stone VeneerRiver Rock Applications

River rock faux stone veneers can be used in a variety of ways – your imagination is really the limit! But some of the applications that are most common include:River Rock Rio Grande Manufactured Faux Stone Veneer

  • River rock fireplaces
  • River rock accents for log cabins
  • River rock backsplashes for rustic kitchens
  • River rock retainer walls for gardens and yards

 Color Options

All of our stones are available in many different colors, as well as custom hues. With river rocks, you can choose to have all the stones in a panel be similarly colored, or opt for a more vibrant mixture of colors. Here are a few of our more popular river rock color choices, with names inspired by local rivers:

Boulder CreekColoradoRio Grande

We strongly suggest that you see actual samples prior to any product selection. Pictures may not accurately reflect product color.

If you have a specific color scheme you’re looking to match, bring in a sample and we can color-match your custom-ordered stones. Contact us today to learn more, or browse our site for more of our available colors and styles.

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