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Stacked Stone

The look of stacked stone walls is simultaneously modern and very ancient. People have been using stacks of stone to build cairns, castles and monuments since pre-history, and the look is still very popular – especially in the Southwest, where the color and texture of stacked stone recalls our “Old west” heritage.

Stack Stone Rustic Manufactured Faux Stone Veneer

Traditionally, natural stacked stone fireplaces, walls and buildings required very careful design and some specialized skill. You would need stones of exactly the right dimensions and would need to stack them artfully, backfilling with gravel or sand. Otherwise, the whole structure would topple. Quality manufactured stack stone veneers from ProCast Stone are much easier to install while maintaining the look of real stone.

Stack Stone Applications

Our quality stack stone veneers are made to fit easily and seamlessly together, making them easy to apply to any flat surface. We can also create curved stones for application to pillars, Kiva fireplaces and more.Stack Stone Rustic Manufactured Faux Stone Veneer

Here are a few of the other common ways our stones get used:

  • Stacked stone entryways for buildings.
  • Stacked stone walls around homes or gardens.
  • Stacked stone fireplaces and fire pits.
  • Stacked stone accents for walls, especially corners.

Color Options

We offer many color options for all of our stone veneers, as well as custom hues. These are some of our most popular stacked stone color options:

CimarronRed RiverRusticSunrise

We strongly suggest that you see actual samples prior to any product selection. Pictures may not accurately reflect product color.

If you need a different color scheme, just ask! We’re happy to mix up custom shades. Also, if you like the look of our stack stone veneers but want a bit more variety, be sure to look at our Anasazi styles! For more information or to browse our available stock, contact ProCast Stone today!

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