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Decorative Stone Facing Solutions

Did you always dream of living in a brick house? Do you admire the Southwestern look of stacked stones? Are you in love with the idea of river rocks lending color and texture to your walls? You’re not alone.

Stone has been a building material for centuries not just because of its utility, but because of its beauty. And just because natural stone can be prohibitively costly and difficult to install doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of the beauty of stone facing for your home!IMG_0029_30_31_fused

The Manufactured Stone Advantage

ProCast Stone provides affordable and high-quality decorative stone facing made from our hand-cast faux stones. Each stone is made from a cement and pumice mixture, hand-tinted with mineral oxides to achieve a natural look, and the finished stone veneer facing is easy to install and lightweight enough to apply right to the surface of your walls without additional foundational support required.

We sell five different styles of quality decorative stone facing, with many color options. If you need a custom color or even a more unique design, let us know; we’ll work with you to provide exactly what you need to finish your project.

Beautiful Results without the Price Tag

Our stone veneer facing is half the weight of real stone and a third of the price. It’s easy enough to install that any do-it-yourselfer can have it up in a weekend, but it’s beautiful and durable enough to be used by the professionals. And when you order from ProCast Stone, you’re ordering from a family-owned business with a decade of experience serving New Mexico. We’re happy to give our expert guidance and advice on your building projects – just give us a call with your questions!

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