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Synthetic Stone Siding – An Affordable and Simple Solution

There are two ways to get the look of beautiful textured and colored stone for your home. The first method involves painstakingly applying individual stones to a specially designed support in your foundation. The other is to order quality faux stone siding panels from ProCast Stone and quickly apply them to the surface with mortar.

The end result will be practically identical to the naked eye, so why suffer the added effort and expense of dealing with natural stone?

Easy to Install

10535792_768149703235401_1925799417546160362_oReal stone requires special equipment and skills, making it too intimidating for most homeowners. But faux stone siding is a DIY-friendly option that yields beautiful results. All of our synthetic stone siding is made with a cement mixture poured into specialized molds. The finished product is a flat-backed veneer that can be easily applied to any flat surface with a bit of mortar
. Pieces lock together seamlessly for an easy fit.

If you’re looking for something just as easy to install as vinyl stone siding but with a more realistic appearance, manufactured stone is the perfect choice. The finished product will look almost identical to real stone, and most visitors would never be able to tell the difference!

The Manufactured Stone Advantage

Aside from its easy installation, faux stone siding from ProCast Stone has several advantages:

  • It’s more affordable than real stone.
  • It’s lighter weight, requiring no foundational support.
  • It can be custom-ordered in any style or color.

And once you’ve purchased stone from us, we’re just a phone call away if you need help with installation or advice about maintenance. We have a decade of experience with our synthetic stone siding products, and we’re happy to help you get the results you’re looking for!

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