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Stone Veneers for Walls, Fireplaces, Pool Sides and More!

Quality stone siding is simultaneously classy and rustic. It elevates a building’s aesthetics, enhancing curb appeal and making visitors feel more at home. A plain stucco home can be instantly transformed with just a few stones to frame the entryway or skirting the base of the house, and stone veneers give office buildings a natural façade that blends in beautifully with the surrounding landscape.

ProCast Stone of New Mexico specializes in manufactured stone veneers. We can provide the materials for any building project, whether you’re doing a weekend DIY project in your living room or an architect looking for the final touch for your new design.ProcastStone096-1sm

What is a Stone Veneer?

A veneer is a flat-backed section of manufactured stone that can be applied to an interior or exterior of a wall. Our veneers are made by casting a cement mixture in rock-shaped molds, and several style and color combinations are available to achieve the specific look you want.

A manufactured stone veneer is an aesthetic, not structural, element of a home’s design. While other types of stone might support weight, manufactured stone is applied to the surface of a wall.

High-Quality Products, Locally-Owned Business

ProCast Stone has been serving New Mexico for over a decade, with our products available throughout Albuquerque, and northern New Mexico. We’re a small family-owned business that’s committed to providing excellent customer service and top-quality products.

We are happy to give advice, support and information to our customers throughout the building process, whether you need help deciding on a style or have questions about installation. Contact us today to get started!

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