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Exterior Veneers: Stone Siding, Facing and More!

A veneer is something applied over a surface to give the appearance of that surface being built from a different material. In the case of architecture, it refers to those decorative elements that are added after all the functional parts of a building have been finished. Exterior stone and wood panels can be mimicked with veneers, creating a classy old-fashioned look without the cost and hassles of actually building with those materials.

ProCast Stone is New Mexico’s top manufacturer of quality faux stone. We provide exterior stone siding and veneers for homes and businesses throughout New Mexico, and we’re happy to fill your order for a weekend DIY project, major home renovation or commercial building project!

The Dramatic Look of Exterior Stone Siding

Exterior veneer stones can have a huge impact on the look of your home or office building, instantly boosting curb value or giving a refreshing new look to a tired home. Even just a few stones can add color, texture and personality to your walls, making them really “pop.” And with the range of available colors and design available, we can match you with stones that will work perfectly with your building’s materials, from adobe to vinyl siding!
What is the Manufactured Stone Advantage?885685_897636696953367_4270202869966315104_o

If you’re planning to add the look of stone accents to your home’s exterior, faux stone is definitely the right choice. It has many advantages over natural stone that make it perfect for DIYers and professional contractors alike:

  • Quality manufactured stone is lightweight and requires no special foundation support to install.
  • Stones are made from a cement mixture and are much more affordable than those quarried or gathered in the field.
  • Pumice mixed into the cement creates natural air pockets, giving water a place to escape in the winter and eliminating cracking from cold.
  • Stones can be custom-made in any shape and color, making it easy to get custom results.

We make all of our exterior stone siding, veneers and other faux stone products by hand, mixing colors and pouring molds ourselves. We’re happy to accommodate orders of any size, and we offer bulk rate discounts. Just let us know the details of your project and we can help you with choosing the best materials for the job and providing installation support! Contact us today to learn more or to make your first order today.

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