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Interior Stone Veneer Décor Solutions

Faux stone panels aren’t just for decorating the outside of your home – they can also bring new life to your interior décor! Whether you’re trimming a fireplace in river rock, putting a stone backsplash in your kitchen or applying a stony surface to your archways, interior stone wall coverings make a dramatic statement.

ProCast Stone provides hand-crafted faux stones for all decorative purposes, from interior wall stone panels to exterior home siding. We can handle orders of any size, offering bulk rates for larger orders, and our fast turn-around times make us a great solution for your project needs.1211_479987262051648_1622276099_n

Using Stone to Make a Statement

Why decorate with stone? Most people interested in our interior stone veneers already have a specific look in mind. Stone has been a building material for centuries, and the classical, rustic look of it appeals to many people. From the rustic hunting lodge look of a partial interior wall stone panel in the corner to the distinctly Southwestern vibe of Anasazi stone columns in a doorway, stones make a statement.

Use our quality interior stone wall coverings to add texture and color to your walls, choosing from among our 100 available standard combinations or ordering a totally custom color scheme to match your home’s décor!

Why ProCast Stone?

If you’re looking for interior stone veneers in New Mexico, there’s no better place to visit than ProCast Stone. With over a decade of experience and a commitment to service and craftsmanship, we are more than a supplier – we are artisans and small business owners, and we truly care about our customers.

From custom color-matching to providing personal advice and guidance, we’ll do what we can to ensure your project is a success. Have an installation question? Give us a call! Looking for something specific? Tell us about your plans and we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution.

Add a touch of personality to your home with our hand-crafted stone veneers. Call 505.771.0511 for ordering information!