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Rustic, Affordable, Beautiful – Get the Manufactured Stone Advantage!

From a fireplace edged in river rock to a cabin with field stone facing, stone can have a powerful effect on the look of a building. Stone adds a pop of color and texture, and it invokes feelings of rustic lodges, cozy hearths and the natural world.

But stone is not an easy material to work with, especially not when you’re handling a home-improvement project or trying to boost the curb appeal of a piece of real estate. Real stone is heavy, requiring additional structural support, and it’s prohibitively expensive.

Fortunately, there is an alternative: Beautiful hand-crafted manufactured stone veneers from ProCast Stone!

The Same Beautiful Look Without the Drawbacks

At a glance, no one can spot the difference between natural stone and our quality manufactured stone veneers. Every stone is made by hand by pouring a concrete mixture into a special mold, with mineral oxide stirred in to create the colors and patterns of real stone. Since they’re made by hand, not in a factory, each faux stone is unique, with slight variations in color and pattern just like real stone. If you bring us a real stone to cast, we can even build a custom mold for you!

Faux stones are lightweight and more affordable than natural rocks. Our stones are designed as veneers, meaning they can be easily installed with some mortar. There are no special tools or expertise required; if you can lay down tile, you can install our manufactured stone veneers!

Our quality manufactured Stone Veneer Varieties and Colors


We sell stone products in five different styles:anasazi-mesa-manufactured-stone-vaneer

Order Today!

Whether you need a single capstone or enough field stone to panel an entire cabin, ProCast Stone has what you’re looking for. We can process custom orders, and we offer discounts for bulk orders!

Contact us today to get a quote or to learn more about our manufactured stone products.

Enjoy the look of real stone without the weight and cost. Call ProCast Stone today – 505.771.0511

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