About Us


ProCast Stone has been providing quality manufactured stone products to New Mexico’s builders and homeowners since 2004. Over the last decade, our family-owned company has served thousands of clients and hand-cast countless stones. We’re proud to be a trusted source of stone veneers in New Mexico and surrounding areas, and our work has appeared on countless home and business facades and more throughout the community. 


From color-matching your existing architecture to creating a custom  color or building a custom mold to match a specific size and shape, we’re happy to provide custom orders. We provide both small and large orders with a fast turnaround – perfect for meeting the deadlines on your building project and staying within budget.


Browse our website or check Facebook to see what we offer and view samples of our work. Or, contact us to ask any questions or place an order. We look forward to helping you bring the beauty of stone veneers to your home or business.